Re: Playground monitors: A Researcg Agenda?

Laurie Schacherbauer (LAURIES@MERCURY.UARK.EDU)
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 08:27:26 CST

Antoinette Errante wrote:
> Here's what other people have been bickering about of late on other lists:
> Are Lutherans protestant?
> Should Catholics be re-baptised in the orthodox church?
> Is technology for Africa a good thing?
> What constitutes a legitimate request for help to a group of librarians?
> What constitues a legitimate technical question on a list about Websites?
> Can whites be legitimate africanists?
> Should priests be allowed to marry?
> Is all aid to Africa racist?>

I have to say I would rather read posts debating these subjects than
the ridiculous postings that were present during the "watchdog
fiasco". If we were debating something about the study of
anthropology, it wouldn't irritate me so much when I turn my computer
on and find I have 20 - 30 posts to wade through every morning.
I realize that language is important in the study on anthro., indeed,
this is an area I would like to concentrate on in my own studies, but
I am not convinced that the forced change of a language is as natural
or as appropriate for a culture as the gradual change that takes
place throughout years of infusion of different peoples into a
society. I am sure that I am unaware of times in history when
similar forced change has taken place, and I would love to hear about
them, as I said, i'm still learning.

> Is anyone out there studying the development of internet culture?
Is there
> something about it that lends to this kind of behavior? I don't mean to
> suugest that name-calling/flaming/lost tempers never happen in person
> (we've all been to conferences and the like) but is internent behavior more
> like driving a car than it is conversing around a roundtable with
> colleagues. I must confess I myself rediscover my neopolitan roots
> (language and gestures) while driving where I am normally a fairly
> civilized and mild-mannered person.
This would be a great subject to be discussed in group psychology
classes. Those of you who have friends in psych should mention it.

Forgive me for my ignorance if it showed up in this post, i'm not far
along in my anthro studies.