feminist baiting in armenia

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 20:58:01 CST

of Late, that is, I can no longer recall anything Early anymore, where
some of you are to this day, and it's night out there, even, onceuponatime
*winced* at the recall of trivia I exhibited in my campaign to "Fake Being
Smart," well, as I was sorta trying to say, that usage, to me, is totally
wrong, incorrect, and the reverse of what is meant:

"Bait" is what's used on a "lure" or hidden triggering mechanism of a
"trap"; in the latter case, it is more commonly termed a "snare." Either
way, when you use bait, lures, snares, or suchlike Thingies, you are trying
to Attract the Prey animal to its doom by faking the appearance of some
yummy satisfaction, in the Prey animal's terms, which would lead to its
getting Caught, preferably by you, as opposed to some other Predator Elsewise
situated in the Food Chain. We have, in a manner of speaking, therefore, Women
In Food Chains. If your objective, in the hypothetical case, is indeed eating
your Caught feminist as a meal, presupposing that your wives, we herewith
assign an arbitrary number of three of them, since that's a lot of human
body to clean, skin, de-bone, blood-mop-up, and ultimately, for you, eat;
though this hardly holds for the three wives, who must dispose of the gnawed
remains, preserve leftovers, and sweep out the hut, carefully setting aside
the cracked vestiges of the potter's toil as "potsherds" for archaelogists
of the future puzzling over correct dating of your habitation layer.

Cannibalism, to many of the nonanthropophagous peoples, globally speaking,
is an obscenity, given the prevailing protein deficiencies of such magnitude
that meat-eating has, in places, become a mere rumour. You may mitigate the
odium momentarily, 'tis true, by euphemizing cannibalism as anthropophagy in
anticipation of the latter's confounding with anthropology, with unfortunate
consequences to actual anthropologists; but that's a horse of another kettle
of fish; and we've not even considered the issue of overlap, a matter of urgent
concern to many practitioners of "feminist baiting" strictu sensu.

With sentient beings, turning of the tables may occur. This is the gimmick
in Roman Polanski's film-school short, The Fisherman. The title character, a
bit hungry, discerns a sandwich on the beach sand, gives it a hearty chomp,
wherewith a hook protrudes from his cheek; then Something Out There reels
him in. Bear in mind, ye loaded-for-bear.

Having Caught your feminist, your objective may be exhibition, not
ingestion; or Women In Cages, as it's commonly put. An Early Feminist, sensu
a woman who had no idea she was a feminist when there weren't any, or more
accurately, no such category had been conceptualized, Zanab, Queen of Palmyra,
became one of these circa 1700 years after she did what's now called feminist.
To some Arab States which affect or once affected emancipation from the more
virulent sexism associated with the Near East, Zanab of Palmyra became a Great
Arab, and in this guise had an imaginary countenace of herself portrayed on
the 100 Syrian Pounds note of the Syrian Arab Republic, with the reverse
featuring what's supposed to be an Ultramodern petrochemical facility. Slight
fudging of historical accuracy was necessitated by Zanab having spoken a
language called Palmyrene by scholars; it's a dialect of Aramaic, and isn't
close enough to Arabic to qualify as Arabic, even at that stage, though there
were indeed Arabs in her armies; even more fought on the other side. Truth to
tell, Zanab was pathetically ignorant or stupid as to which side to take in
the interminable blood feuds of the surrounding Lakhmids. Accordingly, she
was accused of having had murdered a relative of the Lakhmid chieftain, Imr
al-Qays I, the spelling's wrong, sorry, who somehow later got confused with
the far more powerful Imr al-Qays II, "King of All The Arabs," who lived a
hundred years later. For this reason, al-Tabari records that Imr al-Qays [II]
killed Zanab, personally, to avenge his slain relative. Which is false. Zanab
was captured by the Roman Emperor Aurelian, in a war fought in 272, as a
result whereof, as I've previously told you, Jesus was required to have been
born on 25 December (made a National Legal Holiday by Aurelian in honour of
Sol Invictus of Emesa, born on 25 December; devotees of Mithra also felt the
need for that deity's natality on 25 December). The occasion for the war was
the auto-Bakuninist actions of the Roman government: So badly smashed was
the state that Zanab's armies, lavishly funded thanks to Palmyra's fortunate
siting on the caravan route for transporting Chinese silk to Antioch, largest
city of the Roman East, merely sent out scouting parties and such, therewith
"conquering" one-third of what was in theory the territory of the Roman Empire,
without anyone noticing.

The story has it that Zanab, in Greek, Zenobia, was led away in golden
chains. <Yawn>, Women In Chains, will these photocopied fantasies never
change. Zanab Ended Up, thanks to Aurelian's "generous" decision to spare
her life, which wasn't all that generous, as we shall see, as Women In Cages:
Aurelian housed her in a Human Zoo, where she was on exhibit for the delecta-
tion and amusement of those inhabitants of Rome willing to pay admission.

Well, I think that exhausts the list of what one might want to do with
a captive woman, feminist or otherwise; and I don't see any difference in
baiting, luring, entrapping, seducing, snaring, or capturing by whatever
means a feminist as opposed to a woman of some other ideological persuasion,
except that the words used upon the Prey animal must be slightly different.
Same old routines of status display, familiarity with frivolous gewgawy
nonessential consumer goods, fakery, misleading promises, elaborately
planned entertainment in various & assorted venues, and all kindsa stuff
I know nothing whatever about.

Lion-tamer posturings have no place in discussions of women in general,
let alone feminists in particular. A very small number of men will, should
they ignore women, be they feminists or not, become the objects of forlorn
obsessions. The remainder of the male gender will merely be ignored in turn.
This writer, unfortunately, cannot easily be ignored, hence lives in fear and
terror of women, who summon the Authorities no matter what I do, should I
step outside the cave. More and more they are as armed-and-dangerous as the
men. It's tough all around, is the best I can say.

There's nothing so joyous as to be unable to think of woman anymore: Dr A,
in Smithtown, Long Island, turned this trick on Thursday, by the way. He did
it by merely telling me how much Prozac he'd liked very much, was terribly
anxious to begin, dosing me with. Where I hate Prozac, a substance which
utterly *ruins* the deliciousness of the other Drugs he prescribes for me.

Daniel A. Foss
<recovering pedophiliac>