Re: Where's the playground monitor?

Keith Dever (kdever@CALSTATELA.EDU)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 18:23:05 -0500

HAHA! This says a lot about how this list appears to new people. I am just
sorry to read that it says so little that is good. I have been called an
alarmist before, but it seems that every petty and argumentative post pulls
this list to the level of sci.anthropology. Those that stopped reading
sci.anthropology to come here can appreciate my concern.

I am sorry Mark, that you are leaving, but you've made a reasoned decision.


>I've been subscribed to this list for all of 18 hours but after having just
>downloaded and read the last 20 or so posts I'm sending in my unsubscribe
>I feel like I've been invited to join an informal discussion by serious
>professionals and intelligent lay people but arrive to find myself in the
>midst of a bunch of rude squabbling children. I don't want to know who
>started it. I don't want to even know what it's about. I'm just going to
>leave. I wonder where the playground monitor is?
>Mark Wilson Barrows
>RR #3 BOX 1464
>Bangor, ME 04401