Don't bail ship!!

Daryl Barnett (dbarnett@CATS.UCSC.EDU)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 11:14:56 -0800

I, for one, have become accustomed to the rantings and ravings that go on
here at Anthro-L, and well, frankly, I quite enjoy it. I did come here too,
in the beginning, two years ago, to become enlightened about the ways that
the minds of professional anthropologists work, and was a little dismayed at
first. But there is a lot of wisdom that comes out of the keyboards of
those that dare to voice an opinion here.

And for the not-so-wise sounding diatribes, well, what great drama! If it
weren't for the Ruby Rohrlich's and Robert Johnson's out there, this place
would be pretty boring. These really are reall people discussing real
anthropology. If you can't see that, you might be experiencing some
delusion about real anthropology is about. Sure, the "greats" don't have
time to hang out here, although didn't Geertz get involved in some
discussions last summer?

Too, I think that undergraduate anthropology students should speak out more
here. I've made connections with 2 or 3 people on this list that I have
been able to keep up with on things that are pertinent to my education
process, that people at my own institution may not be able to answer as
well. Anyway, my latest two bits worth...

Daryl Barnett
University of California Santa Cruz
Anthropology Major