Public replies on Private subjects

Keith Dever (kdever@CALSTATELA.EDU)
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 21:02:22 -0500

Please learn to use the reply button so that you reply to author only. There
is no need to send the multitude of private comments to the entire list. It
makes the percentage of posts of interest to everyone so low that people are

I am (others, too) not asking that you stop posting, but limit to subjects
that you can genuinely say everyone, or at least a good number, would be
interested in. Really, the only one that needs to read "thanks" or "So and
so, did you know that such and such is baiting me?" is the individual.

Enough!! It takes no extra effort to send to the person instead of
anthro-l@blah.blah (no offense, UBuffolo)

Thanks for you consideration,