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Thank you for taking your time and space to answer that. I'm getting a much
clearer picture now than I had before ... but then that's what clarification

At 02:48 PM 02/11/96 -0500, Ronald Kephart wrote:
>Linguistics issues, contemporary and otherwise, relate to anthropology because
>language is (to paraphrase Derek Bickerton: see his recent Language and Human
>Behavior) the secondary representational system which allows humans to possess
>culture (as opposed to chimp proto-culture). As such, language gives us
>representations which can we can manipulate internally ("thinking") and
which we
>can also share with others ("communication"). Those representations
include the
>labels we use for ourselves and others. To ignore linguistic issues is to
>ignore the thing that most defines us as Homo sapiens sapiens; in my opinion,
>anthropology cannot afford to do that and still call itself "the science of
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