Re: Adjuncts, part timers, and dreams

Michael Cahill (MCBlueline@AOL.COM)
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 13:14:25 -0500

I believe that if Mary G. Edwards were still with us, she'd be happy to see
her work on academic careers being discussed on the Anthro-L list. There's
no doubt in my mind that she would be providing us with many more insights
into anthropology and the teaching biz. I feel about her the same way I felt
about Jules Henry and Oscar Lewis, two other anthropologists whose work I
enjoyed reading, but who had passed on before I ever had the chance to meet
them. (It has come to me that Lewis had some cutting ways about him; meeting
him might have been less advised than reading him.) The upshot of it: in the
scheme of things, we only have one another for a short time. We ought to be
treating one another right.

Mike Cahill