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Sun, 11 Feb 1996 09:22:36 -0500

At 05:14 AM 02/11/96 -0700, Gail Nazemi wrote:
>All I can say is that Ruby Rohrlich must be quite a person.

I agree, but unfortunately her spiteful attitude with differing opinions
outweighs a lot of the good she attempts to do.

>Her posts are interesting and informative. She is obviously opinionated,
>but backs her opinions with logic and facts. Aren't these the
>ingredients for a good dialogue?

Sorry, but the continuous use of logical fallacy does not make for good
dialogue. At least three times I have asked the good docter to clarify her
comments. I did not do this maliciously nor to "bait" her as she insists,
but to understand what exactly she was saying. Actually, as more of her
opinion on degendering language filters through the cracks I find myself
more and more in agreement with her everyday. What's unfortunate is the
consideration that the docter wants anthropologists to conform to she does
not reflect in her own speech. No, I'm not saying she uses she or he
instead of them ... it's the behavior that underlies the why someone should
use respectfully terminology that she lacks.

>The only personal attacks I have noticed from her were in response to
>attacks from others on this list. And as often as not, she has not
>responded in kind to uncalled for personal attacks.

Then your not receiving all of the posts that I have received. The
individual that she referred to as "retarded" in way attacked her, he only
expressed a diferring opinion. Regardless of who started what though. A
mature, intelligent person does not respond in kind to personal attacks.
The good docter's opinions and Ph.D. I feel make it safe to say that she is
of a chronological advantage to me at least. Thus her expression should
reflect the wisdom of that. Yes, I called her a hypocrit but only after
there was sufficient documentation to show this. As of yet, the only
comments I have received support this.

>The above message is just one example on the ongoing attacks, both
>outright and underhanded, on Ruby Rohrlich.

The message you refer to (which I snipped in consideration for those with
limited resources) is just another example of the good docter's lack of
respect for someone who do not conform to her opinion. And I might add, it
clearly presents the good docter firing the first shot in the name calling

>She must be quite a person to make so many of you feel this insecure.

Well, that's an opinion. Exactly what bothers me the most about the good
docter is not her posts here, but the knowledge that she is filtering into
the impressionable minds of the students she instructs.

respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dauer

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." Walt Kelly (1913-1973), Pogo

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