Re: Organizational Culture

Michael Cahill (MCBlueline@AOL.COM)
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 23:55:57 -0500

Hello Amy,

With regard to studying and measuring change in organizational cultures, have
you looked at:

Ann T. Jordan, ed.
1994 _Practicing Anthropology in Corporate America: Consulting on
Organizational Culture_. NAPA Bulletin 14?

In Jordan's introduction, there is a reference to a 1990 article (by Jordan,
herself) entitled "Organizational culture and culture change: A case study."

At the end of the bulletin, there is a strangely titled piece on "grief work"
with organizational cultures undergoing change. I think you'll find that
something like this is going on right now in child protective services units
in states and localities that are moving to link up their own child welfare
investigations with police investigations. The child protective and law
enforcement approaches are different in certain key respects. My guess is
that CPS worries that in joint investigations its child and family welfare
approach will lose out to the prosecutorial mode as a means of handling child
welfare cases.

In New York, a state that is currently experiencing radical change along
these lines, a DV type "must arrest" rule has already been proposed (but
shelved, for the moment at least) in all child protective cases. When you
consider that nearly two-thirds of all child abuse reports in NYS are
unfounded upon investigation, maybe it's a good thing that mandatory arrest
was reconsidered.

By the way, I think your topic is superb. Please keep me advised of your

Mike Cahill