Whither 50%

Fri, 9 Feb 1996 14:54:00 CDT

Thanks again to John McCreery for his insights. I knew John when I was a recent
AB in anthro and he was a new faculty member. We have both come a long way

So, in answer to Gretchen Johns's question...

> So I was wondering, where are these other 50%?

Well, THIS anthropologist is working for the state's Department of Natural
Resources managing a large database of demographic, migratory, and landuse
data from Canada geese that seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to fly
far south in the winter. I also discuss with DNR officials the impact and
interaction of the two populations (geese and people) on each other.

Well, that is actually only 50% of my time. The other 50% is taken up with
doing the same thing for a group of endangered Brazilian monkeys, and that
assignment is in the anthro department here.

Then, I spend another 25% as editor for the National Center for Science
Education -- focuses on evolution in general; human evolution in particular.
Then I teach part time at a local community college.

I know, I know, it adds up to about 171% of effort; but on the other hand, how
many faculty are getting 75% pay in their 9-month contracts and are still
working 70 hours per week? In my current situation, I am getting paid for all
those hours and publishing, too.

It ain't no tenured faclty position, but as John McCreery pointed out, once we
relax and think that there might be alternatives to that pathway, all sorts of
things can happen.

Anddrew Petto
UW Anthro
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