Re: Human Origins--seek book suggestions

William M. Loker (wloker@RA.MSSTATE.EDU)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 14:32:29 -0600

I would recommend Roger Lewin's "Human Evolution: an illustrated
introduction." (3rd edition). It is scientifically sound, crisply written,
well-illustrted and discusses a variety of topics from evolutionary
theory, to dating methods, to molecular perspectives, origins of
language, etc. Good book. It might be over $20.00 though.

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On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Deborah J. Shepherd wrote:

> For those of you with bio anthro interests:
> I will be teaching a short adult education (non-credit) course on
> human origins and am looking for a not-expensive (preferably under
> $20) book they could read as supplementary to my lectures and class
> discussions. I've been searching through bibliographies, libraries
> and bookstores, and haven't hit on anything fully appropriate, yet.
> The students are generally knowledgeable, so the book should not be
> too simplistic. But it shouldn't be a regular text book, either. It
> doesn't have to be a complete survey of the topic. It can treat just
> certain aspects of the topic. It does need to be interesting. I'd
> appreciate all suggestions and recommendations any of you may wish to
> offer. Thanks.
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