Human Origins--seek book suggestions

Deborah J. Shepherd (sheph005@GOLD.TC.UMN.EDU)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 11:35:46 CST

For those of you with bio anthro interests:

I will be teaching a short adult education (non-credit) course on
human origins and am looking for a not-expensive (preferably under
$20) book they could read as supplementary to my lectures and class
discussions. I've been searching through bibliographies, libraries
and bookstores, and haven't hit on anything fully appropriate, yet.
The students are generally knowledgeable, so the book should not be
too simplistic. But it shouldn't be a regular text book, either. It
doesn't have to be a complete survey of the topic. It can treat just
certain aspects of the topic. It does need to be interesting. I'd
appreciate all suggestions and recommendations any of you may wish to
offer. Thanks.

Deborah J. Shepherd
(Post-Doc) Program for Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies
215 Ford Hall
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN 55455