STATISTICS 101 (was: Iroquois and the Constitution)

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Thu, 8 Feb 1996 20:10:26 -0500

Now that we have the stats, let's take a closer look shall we?

At 04:24 PM 02/08/96 EST, Bosley_J wrote:
>Here are the numbers from the Race/Ethnicity Supplement to the CPS that I've
>mentioned before on this list. For those who identified themselves as
>"American Indian, Aleut, or Eskimo" on a prior "race" question, the
>preferences for terms broke down as follows:
>American Indian--49.76%

>Alaskan Native--3.51%
>Native American--37.35% 44.52% DO NOT want to be referred to as American
>Some other term--3.66%

>No preference--5.72%

With the normal margin of error with polls, this looks more like a 50/50
proposition ... there is no large majority of Native Americans saying they
want to be referred to as American Indians. Since when does one poll
outweigh years of Native peoples striving to rid themselves of the
euro-centrist title Indian? I may be wrong, but as the only Native American
voice on the list so far ... maybe my opinion should have a bit more weight
than a poll when speaking for my culture.

>Of course this is based on a total of only about .75-1.00% of the total
>sample of 60,000, so the numeric base is not large for these percentages...
>John Bosley
respectfully submitted,

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