Let's pretend we're grown-ups

Christine M. Hamlin (chamlin@MAILER.FSU.EDU)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 18:16:01 -0500

Ladies and gentlemen:

I'm sure some of you will think me a nasty manhating feminazi or
(gasp!) even a bore, but *please* can't we pretend that we're reasonably
intelligent people with something better to do than post "classic" pick-up
lines and foam at the mouth over the gender-connotations of the word
"watchdog"? I know...just for a change, let's talk about ANTHROPOLOGY! How
'bout we discuss the best and worst of fieldwork, the reasons we think that
anthropology is a worthwhile endeavor/why we choose to spend our time at
it, new books in the field, etc., and save the pick-up lines for the AOL
Chat Rooms?

Chris "Why should we subsidize
intellectual curiosity?"
-Ronald Reagan