Re: Dog as masculine (the watchdog debate)

Michael D. Fischer (M.D.Fischer@UKC.AC.UK)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 09:07:57 GMT

In the English language "dog" is the generic identifier for individuals of=
the Canis persuasion. It is also quite specifically the identifier of male=
Canis individuals, contrasting with "bitch" or "vixen" for female Canis=
individuals. It is identically (no more and no less) sexist to the use of=
"man" as a general identifier for Homo individuals and also for male Homo=
contrasting with "woman", and the use of "cat" as a general identifier and=
for female Felis individuals, contrasting with "tom" or "tomcat" for the=
male Felis.

Michael Fischer
Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing
University of Kent at Canterbury