Re: The New Welcome ...a must read

Mr. E (jackechs@EROLS.COM)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 19:03:30 -0500

Are you confusing multi-culturism with anthropology? This is interesting
exactly why is it an anthropoligists responsibility to eliminate exclusivist
language and concepts? Now, me and you as individuals should strive to
eliminate exclusivist language and concepts. Please, clarify ... educate
me, the list ... I probably agree if you post your reasons why.

At 01:14 PM 02/07/96 -0500, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
>Regarding Adrian Tanner's use of the term "watchdog" relating to gender
>bias, I, for one, do not view myself in this light. As an anthropologist
>I consider it important to eliminate exclusivist language and concepts,
>and wonder if those who want to retain such language and concepts, under
>the guise of rugged individualism, are not only using them on the list
>but also teaching them to their students, notwithstanding their training
>in one of the four traditional fields of anthropology, linguistics. It
>would be helpful to the maintenance of a democratic list if many more
>anthropologists participated in this goal or similar ones, so that the
>fallacious term "watchdog" for a few is eliminated. Ruby Rohrlich