Iroquois and the Constitution

Joseph M. O'Neal (josephon@ADMIN.STEDWARDS.EDU)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 15:23:05 CST

One of the best sources I've seen for information on the Iroquois and the
U.S. Constitution is Bruce Johansen's Forgotten Founders: How the
American Indian Helped Shape Democracy. Harvard: Harvard Common Press,

I believe it is from this book that Jack Weatherford drew most of his
material for the relevant chapter in Indian Givers. IMHO, Johansen's
treatment is much superior; he is a better scholar, and, unlike
Weatherford, he is not willing to run roughshod over the facts for the
sake of political correctness. I find many of Weatherford's claims for
the achievements of Native Americans to be just plain ludicrous. I think
they also do harm to the Native American cause, since outrageous claims
tend to cast doubt on the very real, very great accomplishments of Native
America. --

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