Online anthropology monographs from CSAC

David Zeitlyn (D.Zeitlyn@UKC.AC.UK)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 18:06:40 +0000

Usual apologies for cross-posting.

As an initiative to increase access to the material that we have published
in our 'at-cost' monograph series - the CSAC monographs - not only the
contents pages but also sample chapters have been made available on the
CSAC WWW server ( This includes, for
example, Andrew Duff-Cooper's edition of Andrew Lang on Totemism - you can
read Professor Rodney Needham's preface, the Introduction to Andrew Duff
Cooper's commentary and the first chapter of Lang's book. The full text of
volume 1 is available, and depending on the reaction of you the readers, we
may be able to host the full text of more of the monographs in the future -
and remember there is always the possibility of purely electronic
publication for new work including recent doctorates.
Comments welcome.

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