New rules and guidelines

PamWilson (102253.1572@COMPUSERVE.COM)
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 11:06:27 EST

I've been subscribing to this list for several months, and have really enjoyed
much of the dialogue, especially the discussions about the nature and mission of
contemporary anthropology. However, since we're in a meta-discourse about the
way the list runs this week, I'd like to make a request or suggestion.

When replying to someone else's post, would it be possible for some of us not to
append the *entire* previous post to the end of their message? This ends up with
layers and layers of archived discussion attached to what is often a very short
message. I personally prefer reading those messages in which the relevant line
or two from the previous message has been excerpted and inserted into the
response where appropriate.

This excess and repetitive textual material takes up a huge amount of disk space
to slog through, with economic implications for those of us who are on
commercial services and have to pay for our time.

Since I'm fairly new, I don't know if this has been discussed before. If this is
a cultural practice that is appreciated by the rest of the list-members, then I
humbly defer to the desires of the rest of the list.

Thanks for listening!

Pam Wilson
Carlow College