...In With the New, New Manager that is...

Patrick S Miller (psmiller@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 19:31:41 -0500

Hello Everyone...all 1400 of you.

I am the new list manager for anthro-l. I have been a quiet member of
the list for a few years. I have taken over for Hugh who is, as we
speak, busy with his dissertation [or is it petting his cat?...]. We
all owe Hugh a debt of gratitude for his tremendous efforts in the past
years. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and for you
to get to know me.

The list will be run essentially the same as Hugh has done. There are a
few additional administrative and legal changes; these will be outlined
in the new welcome message that is forthcoming. I ask everyone to read
it carefully because your continued membership is an indication that you
accept its conditions.

It is unfortunate that I must address a serious matter in my initial
hello to our group. It has been the practice of a few individuals to
voice their disagreement with an argument by personally attacking the
author or others. This is unacceptable here. If you disagree, argue your
perspective. If necessary write, in private, the person you disagree
with and vent directly to them. Please do not include us all in that
sort of unpleasantness.

Sorry to have to get so serious right out of the gate.

Patrick S. Miller