Ethnographic Field School in Trinidad-LONG

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USF in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO May 15 - June 27, 1996

*Trinidad and Tobago*, a place of contrasts, is at once a bustling
industrial country and part of a tropical twin island Caribbean antion
with a multicultural and multiracial history.

Earn six hours of USF credit in a summer ethnographic field school! This
unique program offers students an opportunity to practice ethnography and
discover th emany colors and peoples of Trinidad and Tobago. Courses are
taught by distinguished West Indian Scholars at the University of the
West Indies, and the USF Program Director, Trinidad native Dr. Christine Ho.

PROGRAM INCLUDES-------------------
* round trip airfare from Miami
* lodging (both guest house and family home stay)
* meals as part of guest house lodging and family stay
(2 meals per day)
* on-site leadership of program director, Dr. Christine Ho,
USF Department of Anthropology
* overnight excursion and round-trip airfare to Tobago
*USF Anthropology courses; undergraduate tuition for 6 semester credits
(see program costs--graduate tuition, add $311.52 more)
ANT 4495 or ANT 7760
Methods in cultural research
ANT 4340 or ANT 7933
Cultures of the Caribbean
(Students from disciplines such as Caribbean Studies, History,
Sociology and other academic areas may participate)
* weekend field trips and other plananed activities organized by
program director
* instruction by USF program director and University of West Indies faculty
* opportunities for participation in Trinidadian social life.

* additional non-Florida resident or graduate tuition, if applicable

PROJECTED PROGRAM COST------------------

The cost of the program is $2660.00 per person, double occupancy, based
upon a minimum group size of 10 people. Included in the cost are 6 USF
undergraduate credit hours (FL resident tuition) and an overseas study
administrative fee.

One of the following *additional* costs may be applicable to you:
* if *graduate* student, add $311.52 to the tuition costs
* if *non-Florida resident, undergraduate*, add $980.46 to the tuition
(applies only to USF degree-seeking students)
* if *non-Florida resident, graduate* add $1829.64 to tuition (applies
only to USF degree-seeking students)

PAYMENT SCHEDULE---------------------

A $300.00 deposit ($100.00 non-refundable) willb e due by February 15, or
upon confirmation of space inthe program.

The final balance will be due no later than April 1, 1996.


A ruling by the Florida State legislature requires study abroad students
to show proof of adequate medical insurance for illness and accidental
injury overseas. Students are reqponsible for ensuring that they are
covered by medical insurance which is valid outside the U.S. The program
includes Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance.

FINANCIAL AID------------------------
Students who are eligible for loans and grants to take classes at USF may
also obtain assistance to study in this program. USF students should
contact the Office of Financial Aid (813-974-4700, SVC 1102) for further
information. Students currently attending other univerisities should
apply to their home institutions for financial aid. Please inform the
Overseeas Study Office if you expect to receive financial aid.

Alls tudents aprticipating in the USF in Trinidad and Tobago Program must
arrange a telephone or personal interview with the protgram director.
Upon acceptance, students must obtain course approval from the USF
Director, Dr. Christine Ho, and provide the USF Overseas Study Programs
Office with the appropriate course information.

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS, CONTACT---------------------

Overseas Study Programs
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler ASvenue, CPR 107
Tampa, FL 33620-5550
(813) 974-4043 or -3933


Dr. Christine Ho, Program Director
Department of Anthropology
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, SOC 107
Tampa, FL 33620-8100
(813) 974-0807
Fax: (813) 974-2668