Mon, 5 Feb 1996 12:48:25 +0900

1996 AAA Annual Meeting in San Francisco
Dear Colleague,

I am trying to organize a session for the 1996 AAA meeting in San
Francisco, and would like to invite you to join our panel.

The session, tentatively titled "Deconstructing the 'Ie' (Familial)
Model of Japanese Society: The Anthropology of Japaneseness in
Critical Retrospective," will focus on the uses and abuses of
'Ie-shakai-ron' in both academic as well as lay discourse on
Japanese society. By reexamining the 'IE' model, this session
attempts to uncover both "Orientalist" and "Occidentalist"
assumptions and representations in the discourse on Japaneseness,
and to shed new light on political and ideological implications
of social scientific discourse on Japanese family. The panel will
also discuss whether Japanese 'ie' has died out as many Japanese
seem to believe or is still alive and well (and oppresive and
undemocratic and antifeminist as some critics charge). The panel
will furthur explore why anthropologists, both Japanese and foreign,
are not so keen on studying modern or even postmodern 'ie' in Japan
today. Papers that critically analyze the birth and spread of the
'Ie' model, those that look at 'ie' in contemporary Japan, and those
that attempt to reconsider "Japanese family" from feminist, human
rights, and/or postmodern perspectives are most welcome. Comments
on and suggestions for the session theme are also appreciated.

If you are interested please contact me personally ASAP and send me
a brief letter of interest to:

Ichiro Numazaki, Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts & Letters, Tohoku Univ.
Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-77, Japan
Office fax: 81-22-215-5532
Home fax: 81-22-308-3651

Thank you for your attention!