Hodenausaunee Women: Selected Recent Works

thomas w kavanagh (tkavanag@INDIANA.EDU)
Sat, 3 Feb 1996 20:30:11 -0500

A Preface:

"My conclusions are: that though not dominent in the so-called
'matriarchial' sense, women of the League period . . . were secure in
their role as women and participated in male-oriented culture patterns
to a remarkable extent; that due to the patrilineal extent of the White
culture with which they have been so long in contact, culture shock was
more deeply and drastically felt by men who bore the brunt of the
conflicts with the Whites and whose cultural accomplishments were
destroyed by the Whites; that finally, the present-day Iroquois women
today identify completely with their feminine role, do not seek
'equality' with men, and, while participation in masculine-centered
cultural pursuits is not as great as that of their neighboring sisters,
feminine cultural activities are successful and cooperatively undertaken
and accomplished." (Randle 1950:169)

The following is a brief and incomplete list of recent works on Iroquois
women. The compiler makes no comment on their contents. Additions will be
welcome. Following this posting, the bibliography will reside on my Home
Page: http://bronze.indiana.edu/~tkavanag/home.htm

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