The Iroquois and the Constitution

Wed, 31 Jan 1996 18:23:39 -0500

Was, Subject: Re: The Iroquois and the Early Radical Feminists

Se> Despite the very interesting correlations between Iroquois and early
Se> radical feminist discourse these sorts of comparisons remind me of a
Se> Congressional declaration issued during the bicentennial of the
Se> Constitution that said that the Constitution was inspired by the
Se> Iroquois. I think a more likely version of history has the Constitution
Se> emerging out of the enlightenment tradition in Europe and feminism (and
Se> other sorts of liberating discourses common to the Western experience)
Se> also coming from that sort of tradition.
Se> None of this makes egalitarianism among the Iriqouis any less intersting.
Se> -- Seth

I was at a conference about 10 years ago -- which means I'm gonna
get all the details wrong -- but actually apparently Ben Franklin
was quite impressed by the Iroquois at some meeting where a treaty
was worked out, and invited some down to the Continental Congress
to explain their set-up.

My apologies for not having any more info at hand than that.

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