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Stephanie A. Hall, Archivist
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American Folklife Center

Parsons Fund for Ethnography at the Library of Congress


The Fund Committee for the Gerald E. and Corrine L. Parsons Fund
for Ethnography at the Library of Congress invites applications for
a grant of up to one thousand dollars to be made from the fund in
1996. The Committee is composed of the professional staff of the
American Folklife Center.

The purpose of the fund is to make the collections of primary
ethnographic materials housed anywhere at the Library of Congress
available to the needs and uses of those in the private sector.
Grants may be made either to individuals or to organizations in
support of specific projects.

Projects may lead to publication in media of all types, both
commercial and non-commercial; underwrite new works of art, music,
or fiction; involve academic research; contribute to the
theoretical development of archival science; explore practical
possibilities for processing the Library's ethnographic
collections; develop new means of providing reference service;
support student work; experiment with conservation techniques; and
support ethnographic field research leading to new library

For its first grant, the committee would especially like to
hear of projects on subjects that were of particular interest to
former reference librarian Gerald E. Parsons Jr., the creator of
the fund: waterfowling, railbirding, and other outdoor traditions;
folklife of the Mid-Atlantic region; and organizing and using
multi-format ethnographic materials.

Applicants should submit a two-to-three page narrative
describing their proposed project and its potential products and
audiences, and should provide a budget and time-frame. Applications
should include a resume or statement of previous experience and the
names, addresses, and phone numbers of three references who are
qualified to speak about the applicant's professional work. Send
applications to Parsons Fund Committee, American Folklife Center,
Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 20540-4610, by April 15, 1996.
An award will be announced on May 1. For questions, call or write
Judith Gray at the American Folklife Center (202) 707-1740; FAX
(202) 707-2076.