7th Annual Archaeometry Conference

Patrick S Miller (psmiller@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 00:56:51 -0500

The 7th Annual "Workshops in Archaeometry" Conference is coming up on
February 24th and 25th at the University at Buffalo, Dept. of Anthropology.

The conference is an informal presentation of an ongoing research project
or a research question that needs further analysis. I have listed this
years contributor's below along with where they are from and the title or
a brief desciption of there talk. Each talk will last for 20-30 minutes
with a discussion afterward. If you are interested in receiving the
official schedule and announcement. . .just ask (and supply me with you
FAX number).
Patrick S. Miller

KEYNOTE: Dr. Henry Schwarz, McMaster University: The Dating of
the Asian Homo Habilis.
*Dr. William Sanders, Penn State University: Obsidian Hydration
in the Copan Valley.
*Dr. Dean Arnold, Wheaton College: "The Maya Blue Question".
*Dr. Jennifer Mass, The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Roman Glass.
*Dr. Alaric Faulkner, University of Maine: "Rediscovery of the
Old Canada Road...".
*Dr. Ron Hancock, University of Toronto: Archaeometry.
*Dr. Pat Julig, Laurentian University, Technological Analysis of
*Dr. Susan Prezzano, Clarion University: "Technological Trends in
Woodland Pottery of New York".
*Ms. Maria das Dores Cruz, Binghamton University: "Ceramic
Production in the Banda area (West-Central Ghana).
*Dr. Lori Wright, McMaster University: "Milk and Maize: An
Isotopic Study of Chilhood Diets at Kaminalhuyu".
*Julie Rees-Jones, McMaster University: "Optical Dating of the
Uffington White Horsse, England".
*Mr. Hillary Stuart-Williams, McMasterUniversity: "The Oxygen
Isotopic Composition of Phosphate in Human Bones from Teotihaucan".
*Ms. Julie Farnum, Missourri University: Trace Elements in
Archaeological Bone: Current Research Involving Reconstruction of
Prehistoric Diet, Health, and Diagenisis".
*Mr. Stephen Jones, SUNY Albany: 150,000 Bones of France. . . .
*Dr. Bonnie Blackwell, Queens College: Topic Unknown at this time.
*Mr. Willaim Middleton, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Human
Behavior as a Factor in Soil Formation:. . ."
*Dr. Brian Adams, University of Illinois-Urbana: Lithic sourcing
using ultra-violet light.
*Ms. Ilona Matkovszki, University of Illinois-Urbana: Evaluation
of C14 dates using Exploratory Data Analysis.