Field Mentor Professor Needed (fwd)

Amy Haile (haile@LUNA.CAS.USF.EDU)
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 14:33:18 -0500

Nancy Hamilton, the Vice-President of Operation PAR's Women and Juvenile
Services (my boss) is looking for a Field Mentor for a program she is
applying to at Vermont College of Norwich University.

Operation PAR is a private non-profit substance abuse program in Pinellas
County, Florida.

She is interested in Organizational Culture and needs a PhD or EdD in
Anthropology or a related discipline.

The time requirement for the mentor is minimal. Most likely not more
than 10 hours a semester which would include meeting time, reviewing
papers and directing research efforts. A stipend is provided by Norwich
University. The meetings will need to be in person, so the field mentor
should be in the central Florida area.

For more information please contact Nancy Hamilton or her assistant Tommy
Paton at (813) 547-4507.

Thank you for any leads.

Amy Haile