Re: :: Celibacy: Everyday Presentations

Michael Ashkenazi (mashkena@ACS.UCALGARY.CA)
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 11:36:50 -0700

Re the "spouse" question of homosexual partners. It seems Lief is
somewhat behind the times. In quite a few countries (Sweden, Denmark,
Israel, and I believe elsewhere, homosexual partners are recognized
LEGALLY as spouses, e.g. as having a material and continuing interest in
their partners, including social benefits. It would seem that the
definition Lief is citing is worded in such a way that it automatically
proscribes homsexual partners. In fact, even the term "spouse" is
misleading. British law and its derivatives, have a term
"common-law-spouse" which refers to continuous cohabitation without
ritual sanction, and which legally grants "spousal" rights. There is no
question of celibacy there, the contrary is true.

Michael Ashkenazi