Re: Celibacy and the Skopts}

Wed, 13 Dec 1995 14:40:49 -0500

Hello all,
Please forgive me if this is redundant information, but I am new to this
list. I thought I might have something to contribute to the discussion on
celibacy, particularly with regards to the Catholic church. Is the inquirer
aware of the Skopts}, a 19th century Russian religious group? Male members
of this sect often underwent surgical removal of the testicles (the "minor
holy seal") or complete removal of the testicles and penis (the "major holy
seal"). My source for this information is __The World of Human Sexuality:
Behaviors, Customs and Beliefs__ by Edgar Gregersen (c. 1994 Irvington
Publishers, Inc. New York, New York). Hope this is of interest to you.
Lauren Hasten