Cultural Sensitivity

Heather M. Bradford (hbradfo@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 13:13:47 -0600

Hi Everyone,
I'm going to try to clear things up a bit more. Okay, here goes.
In my search I have used the schools infolinks (computer card catolog) I
have been searching under the topics: cultural sensitivity, cultural
awarness, pol. correctness, minority rights, equal rights, civil rights,
and immigrantion and I've only found three good sources. I am try to
prove that our country has become more aware, sensitive, respectful
(whatever word you want to use) to other culturals (African-Americans,
Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Jewish, and so on). My teacher wants
us to have at least five sources, and four causes to our subject. We have
to discuss why people feel that this is the cause and then we have to
pick the one that we agree with the most and say this is it because of
x,y,and z and this one is not it because of x,y,and z. So far the only
things I've been able to find in our library (its being remodeled now so
most of the books and journals we can't get to so this is probably why I
can't find anything) gives the causes pol. correctness and minority on
minority violence, these were found in American Anthropologist, The
Annual Review of Anthropology, and a disertation on training teachers
how to get past the stereotypes of Native Americans and teach with
cultural awarness. My english teacher almost didn't let me use it because
he said it would be to long to read, then I told him will I've already
read it on the way to Atlanta on the band bus! So he agree, the point is
the the sources don't have to be that long just some articles from
journals or mag. At any rate thanks to some suggestions I'm going back
to look up racisms and a friend suggested that since I wanted to include
Jewish people that I look up the Holocaust.
Thank you,
Heather Marie.

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