centural sensitivity

Heather M. Bradford (hbradfo@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Fri, 8 Dec 1995 15:30:10 -0600

I just wanted to clear something up. In a letter to me Dorothy suggested
that I needed to do my own work before I asked for help. I was deeply
offended that she thought I had not, and then I became concerned that
maybe some of you thought the same. So I wanted to let everyone know that I
have been doing research in my own library for three days and the anth.
dept. here has been helping me as well (one prof. suggested that I ask
for help on the list). We have only been able to come up with a limited
number of sources, and most do not help. I am looking for causes in the
rising trend of cultural sensitivity. I need at least three or four
because I have to agrue that one is the best explaination for the cause.
So far the only cause that we have been able to come up with is
political correctness.
Thank you all again,
Heather Marie.

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