deep structures

Tue, 5 Dec 1995 08:58:17 EST

I see John's point, and perhaps I haven't made myself clear. It isn't
that the deep structure format is directly replicated within the
immediate reality.

Rather, the deep structure is a potentiality of logic,
to make something particular. This potentiality is already
limited by the confines of its logic. ie.. the DNA of a pig is not
the same as that of a deer. Further, this potentiality is not
directly replicated in the immediate reality, because it is subject
to interaction from multiple Otherness. That is.. the DNA of this
animal has the potentiality to guide all sorts of biologic matter
into a particular form (the pig vs deer), but such a result is only
possible via interactions with Otherness (the availability of
sustenance, nurturance, no predators, etc, etc).

I don't see that language is any different. The human being has a
capacity to-be-logical, and this grammatical order is expressed
within immediate reality. The actual expression is limited by the
code systems learned, by the context of the situation, etc. In other
words, choices have been made, both historically and currently. These
choices limit the potentiality of the deep structure. still
has to be there. So what you have is a system that establishes a
particular order, a logic of interaction which is already limited or
confined (species, group). This logic moves into an
interactional situation, and the resultant expression is something
which is further limited and changed by these interactional contacts.

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