Mortgage Deed re Jamaican Plantation, dated 1769:RE.SLAVES

George Bankes (MZFGHAB@MH1.MCC.AC.UK)
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 13:17:00 GMT

I have been lent a mortage deed dated 1769 for a Jamaican Plantation
which includes a list of some 200 slaves. These include Angus Powell
and John Nixon. The parishes to which this deed refers are Middleton
Pike and St Thomas's Parish. Does anyone know of any archive research
or other research which is being done in the U.S.A. or the Caribbean
about slavery in Jamaica in the 18th century? I have been asked by a
local Afro-Caribbean, Les Braine, in Manchester to try and find out
more about this mortgage document? If anyone does have any
information I would be most grateful to haer about it.

Best wishes,

George Bankes
>From : George Bankes, Keeper of Ethnology, Manchester Museum,
M13 9PL, England