Re: 911 Call

Beth Scannell (bethsw@SIRIUS.COM)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 13:38:42 -0800

I heard a copy of that tape. The one I heard ended with the guy asking
the 911 people, "So who gets the deer - me, or the dog?"

>I've heard a variant of that one; my sister's friend's friend worked at a
>911 dispatch unit in Houston. In this one, the deer bit the guy in the
>back of the neck (from the back seat of the car), the dog was after the
>guy as he was making the call, and the guy couldn't tell them where he
>was beyond "I'm in a g** d***ed f***ing phone booth!"
>On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Vanessa R. Wight wrote:
>> The deer saga may be an old Woody Allen story but I had a cousin who was
>> an intern at a 911 dispatch unit in Pennsylvania and he sent me a tape of a
>> 911 call that they received from a man who hit a deer and thought he
>> killed it. The deer did recover in the back of his car and trashed both
>> the inside of his car and this guy's head. He finally pulled over,
>> stabbed the deer and got out to make this 911 call because his head was
>> really chewed up. In the midst of making the call a dog came over to the
>> phone booth and wanted the deer! The guy was yelling at the dog while
>> on the phone and ended up getting bit in the the guy stabbed the
>> dog with his knife, not killing him but sending him away howling.
>> While all this is going on you can hear people at the 911 unit laughing
>> at him because all this guy can figure out is that he is on the corner of
>> a "Stop-and-Go" that sells coffee. He was clearly disoriented and upset!

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