Nelson & Yee

Fri, 17 Dec 1993 10:36:00 PST

Graber writes:

>That some positivists actually offer such impoverished conceptions of science
>is in fact the one concession I am willing to offer...

Graber rightly points out that the conception of science held by positivists
is not isomorphic to what scientists do--one of the critics of the "received
view" commented quite succinctly that the "received view" of science was
faulty if only for the fact that it used an image of how science proceeds
that does not match what scientists actually do. Unfortunately, many of
those who argue against a scientific anthropology fall into the trap of
equating what science is with the logical postivists view of science and in
fact critique the errors of the latter believing they are highlighting the
limitations of the former.

D. Read