Update the Sub. List?

Gary Goodman (sap@TANK.RGS.UKY.EDU)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 20:25:44 EDT

Long as I am gets stuff off my chest (where did that expression come
from anyway?):

Am I alone or is everyone else getting (and sick to death of getting)
this message every time we post?
Automated reply from Massey University Electronic Mail System
--------- ----- ---- ------ ---------- ---------- ---- ------

The message you have sent to

Multiple recipients of list ANTHRO-L <ANTHRO-L@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU>

has been delivered.

Please note:
This person is currently not an active EMail user and is therefore unlikely
to read their mail. All unread mail is deleted after approximately 2 months

Isn't there anyway to get whoever this WAS, and was too ornery to
unsubscribe (or maybe died in some accident), OFF the subscription list?

I got more than enough backed up mail <thank you very much> to DELETE

The Garbageman