Re: Identifying Race

Gary Goodman (sap@TANK.RGS.UKY.EDU)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 13:20:44 EDT

Just in case anyone else misread me...

I am very much FOR the scientific investigation into human variability!

I am very much for the research into the genetic and functional aspects
of and underlying behavior. Certainly in my late field of Psychology the
increasing awareness of the levels of neural organization and the
physical aspects of perception (both always part of the science of
Psychology from the start) has greatly advanced our understanding of the
"mind." Dualism is now a increasing quaint metaphysical conception
thanks to this research into the brain/CNS, sense and related systems.

In fact I am leaning very heavily toward making forensic anthropology my
specialty, assisted by the great program over in Indiana and not far away.

My main point was that the word "race" and the general concepts
associated with that word need to be clarified. Need to be used with
somewhat greater precision. Maybe it IS because I am something of an
outsider (though 99% of you have made me feel very welcome) that I see
certain things that perhaps at least some of you are too close to see.

Maybe I am just full of it. Certainly has happened before.

But I am ALWAYS will to listen to a reasoned response and learn from it.
And apologize or admit error. Or ignorance. ALWAYS!

Try me. I but knowledge a hell of a long way ahead of ego or pride.

Certainly I am not familiar with all the PARTICULAR jargon favored by
some. But darn it, I *have* studied the human animal DAMNED close for
about forty years. I *have* earned the right to TREAT mental disorders. I
*have* studied history since I first learned to read (age 5) and studied
with some great historians and evolutionists and scientists over the
years. Since I average over a book a day that's a lot of books and
mostly nonfiction folks.

And stupid I ain't. Foolish sometimes? Hell yes -- I iz human!

So is it to much to ask for some understanding and the benefit of the
doubt I try to give others as a matter of course?

If my style of discourse irritates you -- for that I can only say:
"Sorry." It is the way I is, don't mean n'thing by it."

But WHEN I am being rude deliberately it IS pretty apparent -- and it is
in response to generally far greater rudeness.

And if I ever *really* flame anyone, a burn center is advised.

Gary D. Goodman

Pentad Communications
McDaniels/Hardinsburg, KY


"Man is the linking between the ape and the human being."