Re: Identifying Race

Gary Goodman (sap@TANK.RGS.UKY.EDU)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 19:29:00 EDT


Sorry about all those typos. My good glasses are getting repaired.

Hadn't realized my eyes had changed that much. Ouch -- there goes $200
for another pair.

I DEFINITELY am getting a bigger monitor! Got some cash-back from the
RECC scheduled for a really sharp 17" (with the 21" when I sell my

Oh well -- guess at it!


BTW the simpliest way to miss the HareKrna virus is to TONIGHT, before
midnite, alter the date to the 23th, then turn it back on the 24th from
to the 23th again and remember this year Aug 23th was 48 hrs long.

Do the same in Sept if you haven't a virus killer YET.

My FTP is screwed up so this is what I have to do.