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Subject: Re: Language/Consciousness/Thinking

At any rate, this whole right brain/left brain thing gets a lot of airtime, but
this sharp differentiation between the hemispheres is really something of a
false dichotomy. There's really not that much difference between, the
two...merely a TENDENCY (according to what I was taught, at least) for one side
to process certain functions, and the other to process others. Quite often, one
side of the brain can make up for deficiencies caused by injury or trauma in
the other side. Perhaps that's where their culture's emphasis on "right-
brainedness" comes into play, in the seamless transition from one side to the

Does that make any sense?


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Not a whole lot. Try reading:

Springer, Sally P. and Georg Deutsch; *Left Brain, Right Brain*; Freeman, New
York; 1985

Jesse S. Cook III