Re: More on brave maidens

mike shupp (ms44278@HUEY.CSUN.EDU)
Sun, 4 Aug 1996 13:59:29 -0700

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Julian O'Dea wrote:
> My point was that heroism in girls and women who have not bred would be
> particularly hard to explain in terms of sociobiology, although one could
> try to invoke "reciprocal altruism" I suppose. A second point I was making
> was that it *does* nevertheless occur, as evidenced by heroism awards - my
> "Grace Darling Effect". My overarching point was that it seems far easier
> to explain this kind of altruism by way of culture than by way of genetic
> disposition.
> I find it fascinating that people want to invoke genes rather than culture
> in this regard.

I've a suspician that sociobiology explained "altruism" via
genes rather than by culture to dodge the usse of whether
animals think.

BTW, is there an explanation in sociobiology for dogs who save
their masters. dolphins who aid drowning (human) swimmers, or
people who perish preserving the family pet?

Mike Shupp
California State University, Northridge