Re: Broca's Brain

Ralph L Holloway (rlh2@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 17:41:39 -0400

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Ronald Kephart wrote:

> Stephen Jay Gould also discusses Broca, among others, in his book The Mismeasure
> of Man (Norton: 1981). This book, by the way, should be required reading for
> every anthropologist.
> Ron Kephart
> University of North Florida

I certainly agree, providing John S. Michael's "A new look at Morton's
Craniological Research", 1988, CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY, 29:349-354, is also
read, as he found no evidence of what Gould accused Morton of doing,
namely using a heavier thumb to pack the seed in non-European crania when
measuring cranial capacity. As Michael points out, The Racism of those
days stands and Gould's portayal of it a clear value. The facts seem to
remain, however, that the worlds populations, however one categorizes
them, do not have equal brain weights, for whatever reasons, including
body size and nutrition. I know of no secure, reputable, and replicable
scintific work done that indicates different human groups differ in
intelligent cortically-mediated adaptive behavior (not IQ tests) with a
causal connection to brain size (note, please, I said "causal", not
Having read Gould's new edition of "Mismeasure...", I am surprised
that he continues to ignore Michael's interesting CA report, as well as
some of the other samples mentioned by Rushton in his latest papers and
Ralph L. Holloway