fine arts in anthropology

Thu, 1 Aug 1996 19:30:42 +0200

I am a student of cultural anthropology at the University of Marburg,
Germany, and currently preparing my master's thesis about the role of
fine arts in contemporary anthropology. The complete title of my paper
will be: "Ethno-Graphie. Zur Rolle der Bildenden Kunst in der
zeitgenoessischen Ethnologie".
Studying fine arts as a minor myself, I do see some aspects of the
"graphic languages" that should not be excluded from the "scientific"
context, and this not only in illustration.
I am now looking for contemporary cultural anthropologists
and ethnographers, who use techniques of the fine arts (graphics,
prints or painting) in their role as "scientists".
I would like to exclude the mediums of ethnographic film and photography
to a certain degree, concentrating on "post-photography-visual arts",
the fine arts' techniques of the 20th century.

My main questions will be: What else can be perceived/expressed if you
leave the frame of written language? What can the fine arts contribute to
contemporary anthropology as the science of the "cultural other"?

If you know somebody (including yourself) applying these methods of the
fine arts as both means of cognition (Erkenntnis) and presentation
(Darstellung) in contemporary anthropology (fieldwork, theoretical
anthropology, museum, etc.) and would be interested in a
conversation, please contact me at:
(the capital W in Webera is important!)
Hints for literature would also be greatly appreciated...

angela weber