"Ask Le'vi-Strauss"

Sheldon Klein (sklein@CS.WISC.EDU)
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 11:52:37 -0500

[Orthographic convention: accent accute placed after vowel, e.g. Le'vi-Strauss]

'good to think' is not the same as 'good to think with'

If one is unsure of what Le'vi-Strauss intended to communicate,
and if the author is not conveniently accessible,
one might try the traditional scholarly recourse of consulting
the author's writings on the subject.

In this case, for an explication of the role of species as devices
for representing human social groups in relational social structures,
one might study pages 115-117 of,

Le'vi-Strauss, Claude. The Savage Mind. U. Chicago Press, 1966.