Research on African Refugees and Immigrants in America

Sun, 20 Aug 1995 18:44:04 -0400

I am currently doing ethnographic research on African refugees and
immigrants in San Diego. Specifically I am loking at the role
community organizations play in their adjustment process. Secondarily,
I am looking at the role of the family in that process.

I am seeking background information in several areas:

First of all, I would like to know of any research on recent African
immigrants to the US. If there is anyone who is presently doing
or has done research within this population in other locales, I would
especially like to hear from you. I am aware of the work of Lucia
McSpadden and Helene Moussa in this area. I have also come across a
UCLA grad student, Katy Moran, who reportedly did doctoral fieldwork
with Ethiopian women in LA between 1984 and 1986, but I have found nothing
to indicate that she ever finished her dissertation. If anyone has any
information on the progress of her work or her whereabouts, I would
greatly appreciate that.

Secondly, I would appreciate recommendations of good ethnographic work
(books or articles) on the following groups of people: Amhara, Oromo,
Tigrayan, Nuer (more recent material than Evans-Pritchard), Somali,
Ibo, and Acholi. I am looking for general material on their culture,
inc. family and social structure, gender relations, religious beliefs,
health practices, political organization, etc.

Thirdly, I would like recommendations on works on community organization
(aka collectivism or ethnic solidarity) re: other immigrant and refugee
groups. I have Steven Gold's book, which has a solid discussion of this
topic with regard to Russian Jews and Vietnamese.

I will be grateful for any and all information anyone can give me in these
areas. Thanks.

Dana A. Farnham, Ph.D.