need help with mystery! (fwd)

Sabine Helmers (s@DUPLOX.WZ-BERLIN.DE)
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 20:46:11 +0200

> I am a grad student in psychology, and I am working on my dissertation
> which contains data from 30+ countries. I have gotten some curious resutls,
> and I am hoping some of you on this list can help me out.
> The results I have obtained clustered several countries into 8 different
> groups. I am trying to figure out what these groups have in common. If someone

could be anything what they have in common (e.g. letters, geographical
data etc) - you didn't tell your anthro-l readers what the nature of
the data is and what criteria for sorting and deviding them into groups
you had applied. are the n=30+ countries selected or random? what is
your research question?

sabine helmers
social science centre berlin