Join Solar System Simulation

Reed D. Riner (rdr@DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU)
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 16:35:59 -0700

Dear Anthro-l Colleagues,

I am soliciting classes to participate in the Spring
Semester 1996, NAU Solar System Simulation, 6th iteration.

I provide a text-based virtual-reality, multiple-user domain
(MUD) environment in which each participating class builds a
working model of a community in the shared future Solar System -
e.g. NorthwestPassage under Earth's polar cap (J.Bregenzer
@UDayton), L-5 (J.Funaro @Cabrillo), Luna (C.Jones @EOSC),
Mission to Halcyon (D.Raybeck @Hamilton), and the first permanent
Mars Settlement @NAU.

The overt objectives are for each team to build a viable and
plausible 'working model' of a future sociocultural system, and
for these several communities to achieve sustained and mutually
beneficial communication - a positive-sum 'game'. The covert
objectives are limitless: each instructor determines hir own
learning objectives which can be best achieved through this
combination of classroom and computer-mediated role-playing.

Last year the NAU Solar System Simulation was recognized by
CNI as one of the ten best, and by EduCom as one of the two best
programs in the nation for integrating networked information into
the classroom. "Simulating Future Histories" R.Riner & J.Clodius
appears in Anthro&EdQrtly Mar'95:95-104, -and I have e'copy
available on request.