Ethnography of Emotions

Karina Lutz (Karina_Lutz@BROWN.EDU)
Sun, 6 Aug 1995 19:00:16 +0300

>>Eric Arnould asks about "the ethnography of emotions"?

See Catherine A. Lutz's _Unnatural Emotions: Everyday Sentiments on a
Micronesian Atoll & Their Challenge to Western Theory_. Univ. of Chicago
Press. 1988.
_Language and the Politics of Emotion_ ed. Catherine A. Lutz and Lily
Abu-Lughod. Cambridge Univ. Press. 1990

This is a shameless plug by an adoring sister, however, I receive no
financial benefit, and I'm sure some of you out there know these books are
hearty, nay groundbreaking texts on enthnopsychology and emotions.

-Karina Lutz