richard brown (rab@RASTRO.COLORADO.EDU)
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 12:01:57 -0600

4 August 1995
Fri noon

Yes, yes--please, RJ: tell us all about what Dr. Hackenberg had to say
about your work in the two seminars we both had with him over the past 3
years. For someone who is easily 20 years older than me, your online
persona shouldn't consist entirely of unmitigated antagonization (seemingly,
from out of the aether do your diatribes descend!) and juvenile
sloganeering. But it does--your confrontationalist style betrays your
only agenda, which is never dialogue nor a search for deeper
understanding. I wish you would have offered some of your doctoral-level
critique of Geertz for all of us out here to consider. And, since we're
acquainted & took those classes together, I'm wondering if you finished
college yet, because I'm halfway done with my PhD now.

Richard Brown
The Dept. of Anthropology
University of Colorado, Boulder