Exchange - Help?

James Carrier (James.Carrier@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 16:09:33 +0100

26 April, 1995

Dear Folks,

I find myself teaching a set of lectures on exchange in the coming
academic year, and find that I know relatively little (a euphemism if
ever there was one) about what has been written on the topic for the
Mediterranean and Northern Africa, and for Latin America and North America.
Can anyone suggest three or four titles for any of these areas?
Ideally, the readings should be accessible (i.e., suitable for students
in their first year) and available (i.e., likely to be in a library not
renown for its anthropology holdings).
While my main concern in this course is the ways that exchange is
used to integrate social groups (from the minuscule to the
sub-continental), my professional concern is fairly catholic.
Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


James G. Carrier
Durham Anthropology / 43, Old Elvet / Durham DH1 3HN