Single-Variable Theories: Examples

Fri, 21 Apr 1995 13:43:09 CST

Carneiro's theory of political evolution, as formulated by him
qualitatively, differs considerably, in form, from the pendulum law; my
theory of political evolution, inspired by Carneiro's, does not. I
don't think anyone would wish to claim that P=k(sq. rt. of L), which is
Galileo's pendulum law (P denoting period and L denoting length),differs
*formally* from S=k(D-squared), which is my proposed political-evolution
law (S denoting the number of people per society and D denoting
population density. There is a huge difference between these lawlike
generalizations in terms of testability and evidential support; but as
for all that stuff about differences in transhistoricality, etc., I must
say: I can't make it out. Same goes for the idea that simplicity,
clarity, and elegance don't count, or shouldn't count in science. --Bob